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Eurovision 2016


Interprète : Eneda Tarifa
Auteur : Olsa Toqi
Compositeur : Olsa Toqi
Langues : anglais

version eurovision


This tale of love,
larger than dreams,
it may take a lifetime,
To understand what it means.
Many the tears,
cos all the craziness and rage,
Tale of love, the massage is Love can bring change.

Cos it’s you…only you
you I feel,
And I …oh I
I know in my soul this it’s real

And that’s why I love you..oh I
Yes I love you u..u..
And I’d fight for you
give my life for you
my heart

But comes a day when it’s not enough
and what you have the time is up
but it’s hard to turn a new page
In the tale, sweet tale of love
you will find the peace of heart that you crave